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Sales Training

We all know that bettering ourselves means increasing our Human Relation Skills. Dale Carnegie® wrote the book on “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” The following courses have increased the relationship abilities of over 9 million people personally and professionally. Which course of study will take you to where you know you need to go?

Available Sales Training Courses

Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling

In today’s complex sales environment, gimmicks and tactics are obsolete: customers are just too savvy. Armed with pricing and information from your website, reviews from the Internet, and recommendations from an army of colleagues and friends, they are the personification of the empowered consumer, knowledgeable beyond the need for basic information.

Gaining the Sales Advantage

Good sales people follow a process leading from prospecting to closing. Great sales people combine the process with their personal drive to make the sale. If you want the confidence, enthusiasm and ability to influence people:

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Appeal to Buyer Motives to Close More Sales

In this interactive, one-hour webinar, you will learn how to gain commitment more easily by conducting the early phases of the sale skillfully. Over-emphasis on closing can feel like a manipulative technique to the buyer and can strain the relationship. The key is to build the relationship throughout the sales process by appealing to buyer emotions and motives. Doing so will improve close ratios and lead to more successful sales.

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Compelling Sales Presentations

This workshop is designed for sales people who want to increase their close rates through more effective presentations. The program provides an overview and flow of a sales presentation and highlights the ideas that people need to know and practice to get started. In addition to sales presentations, it emphasizes how we should present ourselves in any situation. It is especially useful for people involved in consultative selling.

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Cross and Up Selling

Cross-selling and up-selling create value for both you and your customers. Opportunities to help guide customers to make better buying decisions arise when you ask the right questions, make appropriate suggestions, and present options in a manner that does not seem pushy.

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Negotiations: A Human Relations Approach

Applying a proven negotiations process helps people know where they are going and how to plan for success. In this two-hour workshop, you will learn techniques such as building rapport; analyzing the actions, needs, and agendas of all parties; using effective strategies such as presenting alternatives; bargaining in good faith; and finalizing agreements so that everyone “wins" something that they want. By doing so you will be able to gain cooperation and increase the likelihood that future interactions will be positive.

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Trusted Advisor Bootcamp

This seminar is designed to overcome one of the biggest challenges that shared services (such as HR, IT, Finance and Accounting, as well as consultative sales people) face in organizations today – being viewed as a transactional or commodity resource versus a true business partner. Included are such key elements as: developing rapport and trust, designing solutions that advance stakeholders’ strategies, strengthening leadership and influence, managing resistance and conflict, and more.

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How to Cold Call and Build New Customers

If you’re like most sales people you can think of a million excuses not to cold call because – let’s face it – you hate it. The rejection and sense of failure are tough to take. But cold calling is necessary to success since new business of ten accounts for as much as 50% of your production. Take the stress out of cold-call days and improve your hit ratio. Effective Cold Calling is a learned skill!

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