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Customer Service to Sales Training

We all know that bettering ourselves means increasing our Human Relation Skills. Dale Carnegie® wrote the book on “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” The following courses have increased the relationship abilities of over 9 million people personally and professionally. Which course of study will take you to where you know you need to go?

Available Customer Service to Sales Training Courses

Attitudes for Service

In this Live Online workshop, you will discuss taking 100% responsibility for customer service. Each time an internal or external customer comes into contact with you, your attitude is showing. You will apply Dale Carnegie principles and identify ways to maintain a friendly, low pressure and high service environment that makes customers want to come back to you in the future.

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Managing Customer Expectations

The simple truth is: customers continue to do business with organizations that deliver on what they promise and who have treated them fairly. You have far more potential to develop long lasting relationships and future business success by managing customer expectations in a consistent way. Acquire the tips you need to set, monitor, and influence customer expectations for greater business impact.

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Outstanding Customer Service

In this webinar, you will be given a simple yet effective eight-step process for resolving complaints, as well as some key guidelines to follow in dealing with challenging customers. You will also learn the five approaches to engage customers and build loyalty, and a useful process for gaining customer referrals without being pushy or aggressive.

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Transforming Customer Complaints into Opportunities

This workshop provides useful strategies and guidelines for successfully resolving customer complaints. Using the Restore and Retain Equation can help turn a complaint into an opportunity to create a loyal customer. Cross and up selling opportunities can result from a well-handled complaint. Finally, examining root causes of your common complaints can help you find ways to reduce or eliminate them. By effectively resolving complaints you can reduce stress, build relationships, and improve customer loyalty and retention.

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