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Team Development & Growth

Teams can get better, faster results than individuals working alone – as long as the team members are aligned, focused, respectful of one another, and have the skills to get the job done. Dale Carnegie training specializes in creating high-performance teams. 

Robert Graves
Certified Trainer
Robert Graves is a 25+ year veteran sales professional, presenter, trainer, and college instructor. Now he uses his MBA focus in Finance and Marketing to help his clients’ bond performance improvement to business skill sets. Robert is a Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer. He is certified in Microsoft, EMC, CompTIA A+ and Network+, along with many other IT and business training certifications. For over a decade with Dale Carnegie, Robert has trained clients in the highly effective Dale Carnegie Sales course. He trains in Leadership, Presentation, and Human Relations courses also. Recently, Robert was named Dale Carnegie Training Tampa Bay ‘Business Consultant of the Year’, achieving the prestigious ‘$500,000 Sales Club’ award nationally. While at CA Technologies, he achieved MVP and Top in Stand-alone Sales twice in Education Sales. While at Allied Telesyn, SMB revenues tripled under Robert’s sales leadership. Robert, author of the popular “How to Make More Money with Technology” series, is an expert at “Turning Cold Calls into Closed Business”. To find out about increasing your leadership and sales skills to make you and your team more valuable in the marketplace, connect with Robert at info@CarnegieConnection.com

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